Traveling Southamerika tips and hints – Südamerika Reisetipps

Starken Alkohol zur Hand haben (möglichst trink bar) zur desinfektion.

Innen wie aussen :-p

Have string alcohol (more than 40% peecent) for Desinfektion inside and Outside.

Don’t drink the tab water.

Nicht das Leitungswasser trinken.

What you will need:

O. Safety first!
Actually in 2015 its probably safer traveling Bolivia than Spain (Lissabon) or Greece (Athens).

Because of the financial crisis in those countries.

Bolivians are not rich… But they are busy making their lifes better.

1. a maestro (!) Bank cards ( offers one) that works abroad (normal Giro Bank carda won’t even the maestro fails on some ATMs – cajacheros)

Banks ATMs that work: Bolivia: BNB24

They will charge you 5€/$ for every withdrawal.

So it is advised to take the maximum amount witch is about 200€/$ per withdrawal.

And: (would be Good)

A crédit card (Visa prefered) that allows you to book flights easily online.

2. Your Passport (of course always carry it close to you – keeps the bus Tickets until you arrived – you might get checked several times!!!)

3. a Pen – to fill out all the migration paperwork.

4. SmartPhone with GPS and OpenStreetMap Offline Maps can help you find your way. (Get it for free from

5. Money! Bring it Cash or withdraw by card from ATM.

but don’t change it on the streets of Bolivia… You might end up with 50% fake-money.

In the Airport or after a border crossing there is usually possibility to change money. Or at Busterminals.

In Argentina Buenos Aires you can change on Florida Street “Cambio” for 140% of the ATM ratio… But you exploit the financial disaster thats going on there.

6. travel health enshurance!

7. DO NOT throw toiletpaper into the toilet. Unless you want to pissoff the locals.

8. NEVER BE arrogant always respectful. Almost everyone has an IPhone with Whatsapp and Facebook in Southamerica (great self sourveillance tools).

But you should never show off.

You can bargain… But not so much.

Always carry some crackers or cookies if poor children beg for money 🙂

Always give closed full package… Not just one greedy cookie.

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