Berlin Hostel Sucre sucks! – go to 7 Patas!

What is all the Ambiente if the shower is cold? (In the Munich Room no one took a shower for the last 4 days because of that. And the Airflow in that room is very Bad…. Bad Air… Mold-Fungi… Bad sleep)

Also you have Fungi in the shower which is a health-risk.

They gonna charge you extra 7B if you want scrambled eggs for breakfast.

The Wifi breaks down as soon as 5 people connect…

Guys i have Seen Better for less.

One day is enough… I am glad i did not book for more.

I wasnt me if i was not providing you a good alternative:

Which is just 5 Blocks away from Berlin Hostel and called 7 Patas.

It is here:

Night is 45B in a 6 Bed Dorm without breakfast but they have a kitche. 🙂

Fried Bananas! Yeah!


There is also a nice vegetarian restaurant where you get lunch with a drink and desert for 20B


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