Ginger’s Paradise . com – a family with 4 kids – living in the jungle since 20 years – between Samaipata and Santa Cruz – short travel report reisebericht review erfahrungsbericht

It is how everyone could and should live if we were serious about saving the planet, staying healthy and having fun while doing it.

Only problem: he (Christopher) started 20 years ago when land was still cheap (i guess about 10x times like 500USD per hectare) in the tropical eastern region of Bolivia.

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Now you pay like 3-4-5-10.000USD per hectare (100m x 100m) and you will need 3x hectares per person to live sustainable without threat of foot-shortage.

What i do not like about his lifestyle is that he charges people 120B for one night (which is almost double compared to Jodanga backpacker hostel in Santa Cruz including pool and breakfast) and goes down 10B for every hour worked.



Which is CAPITALISTIC. (He holds an US passport, but his wife is Bolivian)

A Swizz guy volunteered for work and worked 3 weeks for him… But he still will charge him money which is just stupid.


I keep saying if someone is serious about wanting to save the world and educate people… A true teacher teaches for free, because it is important to him-her that the message spreads.


He is having 4 kids (i know of) they are completely happy … Except would be better to have more friends i guess… I asked him via mail if he wants me to join and set up a community… But i guess 500€ per hectare is not an attractive price for the capitalist.

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