Santa Cruz – hichhike to the sand dunes – Las Lomas de Arena

If you are like us… Hate the touristic shit.

Want to do stuff by yourself… And you said “i am not going to pay 120USD for a trip to a place 25km away”

What you need:

Take 2L of water (per Person, it is desert-bush-dr there).

Some food for picnick.

And free OSM navigation (OpenStreetMap) on your phone.

Go to this bus station on the main square plaza 24 de Septiembre.


And take the line 21 which will take you (ultimo) almost to the entry of the park (it’s 10B)



After that just walk to the entrance (i =>tourist info) which is 200m away.

You will have to walk another 1-2h before reaching the dunes.

It is great if you find a local native that can give you a ride (maybe offer a little money like 20B or some fruits as pay)

We were luky… Just as we got to the entrance a guy from la paz gave us a ride on the back of his 4x weel pickup.

Was lovely.

You will really need a true 4x wheel vehicle… Because the sand can get pretty deep.


And this is what you get:


It can pretty stormy there so take sunglases!



Ride back he took us as well 🙂

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