Bolivia – Evo Morales la Turbo-Capitalist

This country Bolivia is turbo capitalistic just as USA, Germany used to be and now China is.

I am Sitting on the bus “23 de Marzo” to Brazil and a guy standing next to me yells into a Mikrophon i should buy his fucking vitamin-pills…. I am rather sorry for him having no sustainable lifestyle and gave a little money to the disabled woman that was begging on the bus.

People in need of dineros boarding the bus trying to sell stuff to viajeros…


That is turbo capitalism… People fleeing the Land, giving up their sustainable lifestyles for a short-lived money-driven fucked up life selling bubblegums.

They are playing the pirated movie “Blood Out” which shows people killing each other… Great thats what i need… A little violence, Gore and blood on the screen while beautiful green landscapes with floks of white Cattle encaged by barbwire (a Symbol for our modern and wanna-be-clever way of feeding our civilisation).

I can sum the plot up in 5 words… Violence, Zigaretts, Dollars, Sex, Drugs.


I have Seen them watching horror movies on the street-shops in Uyuni.

Which is disgusting i think.

And probably scaring children to death.

Evo don’t sell your beautiful country with its culture and tradition for a 100$ Or € Or £ Or ¥.

Make it Good for everyone…

Why do you make Jokes about forbidding CocaCola and not doing it?

Why do you forbid McDonnalds but allow Burger King, KFC and Subway? (Just as Bad)

Thats usually not why tourists come to See… Same shit different Country.

Don’t you have tasty traditional bolivian food to sell?

Money is not Left Or Right, it simply buys its way… Which is not always a good way.

Evo seems a democratic puppet just as Obama and Merkel.

Democracy beeing effectively dead, heading for disaster.

But the real people in power you can not vote for.

The Banks… Privatizizing the planet.

Ah! A Sadomaso Sex scene… Thanks for this American Bullshit in our heads.

Happy collapsing!

You are like a Tree destroying your roots!

We already did. And See where we are now? A Nation full of hate, fear and Ignoranz.

The opposite if love is not hate, it is Ignoranz.

And thats what civilisations will die from.

Or a Meteor.

Plant one of the 200 kinds of potatoes still existing in this country instead of planting seeds of hate made in USA into people’s hearts.

It would be Good if we all became Vegetarians!

Because there is SOOOOO MUCH BUSH-AnD-FOREST-LAND Bering burned  down to the ground to get a field… For Gen-Soy Or for Cows.

Not smoke on the water!

Smoke in the rainforest!



Between Trees gras can grow protected from sun and Wind and Erosion… If you want to create deserts keep going.

Evo! Setup Eco Aldeas! Combine the old with the new! Permaculture!!!


I know you are NOT stupid.

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