i’ve beein looking for freedom

… Still the search goes on…

FUCK YOU ZDF!!!! Click that link:


If freedom means… Freedom and independence from money… Peace of mind… A sustainable lifestyle… An environment where kids can grow and be valued… Good air… Fried bananas…

Jup. Than i’ve been looking for freedom.

Status of search: pay 25.000€ for land in EcoVillage Brazil or occupy land (with possible violent conflict) or stay a slave of those who have BORROWED colorful paper.


This monetarian system is nazi style (arbeit-macht-frei…. NOT)


I headed down the track
my baggage on my back
I left the city far behind
walkin’ down the road
with my heavy load
tryin’ to find
some peace of mind
father said you’ll be sorry, son
if you leave your home this way
and when you realize
the freedom money buys
you’ll come running home some day

Refrain: I’ve been looking for freedom
I’ve been looking so long
I’ve been looking for freedom
still the search goes on
I’ve been looking for freedom
since I left my home town

Maybe the only freedom we can have… Until this fucked shit is gone and hopefully replaced by a more sane way of life… Is in our head.

“Either you have happyness inside… Or you have nothing” (ex-President Uruguay, Jose Mujica)

The only thing i can do… Is live with as little money as possible… In EAST Germany… Where the sun shines 4h a day… But the revolutionary potatoes grow 🙂

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