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Food, Fruit and Cheese in Southamerica :)

For me i love to travel and discover new foods and fruits.

Thats what i expected: loads of loads of fresh fruits that cost 3€ a piece in Germany… Because it does not grow there (Mangoes).

But you VERY seldom get the smal, yellow very sweet ones.

You can get 12 Bananas for 5 Bolivianos (70EuroCents)


If you tbink there is oy one kind of mango… The genetically modified by Monsato… Than you highly underestimate Nature 🙂


I actually discovered TWO new fruits one in Paraguay and one in Bolivia that i have NEVER eaten before in my whole life.

Paraguay: “Üwahai” = Ugly Fruit, is a yellow 3-5cm diameter fruit that the natives say you should not eat too much or your mouth gets numb… i loved the fruits and kept eating, nothing happened 🙂

Bolivia: They said it is a smal Melon… not really sweat… almost neutral. But juicy 🙂 Strange.

i felt pretty energized by that fruit actually 🙂

I learned from a bolivian Woman (50+ are the one’s that know how to cook traditionally :-p) how to “roast” rice before cooking (crisp).

She also makes a LOVELY snack from Sweet Maiz (Choclo) by roasting the seeds (black textures on the outside) in a Pot while doing a washing-machine like movement. (Like you would do popcorn… But with the piel left on)

I learned from a Brazilian Guy how to properly fry bananas.

🙂 i was feeding on that for WEEKs. So good 🙂 and an effective caramelizing anti-depressant 🙂

(Once we even flamed it with Rum, Cachasa would have done as well)

(If possible take REAL butter… Actually olive oil was also better than expected)

Do not fry more than TWO sliced bananas unless you want smashed bananas… There is not enough space in the pan to turn them.


In Paraguay, Bolivia and Brazil the native Cheese… Pretty much looks the same:


Its round, its white and the taste reminds of unsalted mozarella (not much smell or taste)

The Ceso-Paraguay… Which Housewifes of moderate age usually know how to make themselves from normal milk cow.

Of course the type of cow is different from eueopean cows (usually) but you will get one BIG BUCKET of Milk EVERY DAY from only two paraguayan cows.

The Bolivian cheese is a little smaler and like the Paraguayan is usually saur (if they let it sit for too long in the molke or just not super fresh, i do not know about you but i don’t like the saur taste so you will have to combine it with something else to minder that saurness (“popcorn choclo snack” kind of did the job)

This is the Brazil one:


You can really tell that Brazil is a very advanced culture when you compare the quality of the native cheese.

It is a very light and not fat cheese, that you are welcome to add your own flavor to, which like with tofu does not mean an disadvantage.

While the other countries not even try Brazil “copies” european kind of cheese like dutch Gouda (very fat 40% no holes, salty, not much distinctive taste) and Edammer (like 30% fat with holes… Good on Pizza but thats it).


Fazit: Brazil together with Argentina is most advanced in cooking, STAY BRAZIL! Do not try to COPY tooo much – BE YOURSELF 🙂

The best “churasco” madey Cousin in Sao Paulo :-p

Argentinian Asado in Ostinato Hostel was crap. Sorry guys.

Bolivia’s good kitchens i either kind of missed (Cochabamba having the best food!? Haven’t seen it… Probanly loomed at the wrong place)… Generally HIT THE MARKETS!!! mani soup is good (in Sucre) and 5B.

But usually it is Arroz (Rise) with Meat (did not try, i am 99% veggie).

They have two good vegetarian Restaurants (one run by a foreigner) in Sucre: 1. Prem (tested and good… 20B for lunch dish with drink) 2. Condor (missed that one)

Santa Cruz – Jodanga Backpacker Hostel

Right in front of the Busterminal Santa Cruz… hectic alive city…


This is a Mate Mug i bought in Buenos Aires. Bolivians do not drink a lot of Mate as far as i know. Also Coffee… they grow it… but they don’t drink it. Maybe because it is too expensive. (Blame the West!)

You actually can get quiet decent Cappuchino 3-4 Blocks away from the Main Bus Terminal Santa Cruz (walk towards City center, on the left side of the road is a bakery… )


China Restaurant in Santa Cruz… too expensive 😀

Right next to “Park Urbanico”.



This was the collectivo Taxi from Santa Cruz to Samaipata.

IMG_4270 IMG_4275 IMG_4276IMG_4278



letter to a bolivian Friend

Scroll down for spanish version:

Hi N.,

sorry that i did not answer in a long time. It was great to see Bolivia and Cochabamba. But it is sad to see how people think money is a long term solution.

It is not.

But every civilisation every country needs to make the same mistakes, because man does not learn from the experiences of others, everyone has to make his/her own experiences, this is why EVERY country goes the same path of “development”.

It would be more wise to forge a culture from what was good in old traditions and what is good in modern life (solarpower) but governments and companies love to ENSLAVE people rather than FREE them.

I just hope they will not destroy all of the rainforest.

But who knows… If the Bolivians work really hard they will destroy all of the rainforest.

I wanted to live in Southamerica but social incompetence (Paraguay) and too high Landprices (Bolivia) killed my dream.

So i came back to Germany to die.

The money-driven poeple prepare our death-bed.

The closest example to “Buen Vivir” was:

Take care!

PS: Hugo Chavez died of CIA-cancer.

Evo Morales got the message and does whatever USA wants.

Southamerican States are STILL fooled and exploited by USA.


Your secret service should undergo training in Russia before they (Israel-CIA-USA) remove Putin.

Your and our only chance for true independence.


Hola N.,

lo siento que no me contesta en un largo tiempo. Fue genial ver a Bolivia y Cochabamba. Pero es triste ver cómo la gente piensa que el dinero es una solución a largo plazo.

No es.

Pero cada civilización, cada país debe cometer los mismos errores, porque el hombre no aprende de las experiencias de otros, todo el mundo tiene que hacer su propia experiencia, es por eso que CADA país va en el mismo camino de “desarrollo”.

Sería más sabio para forjar una cultura de lo que había de bueno en las viejas tradiciones y lo que es bueno en la vida moderna (solarpower), pero los gobiernos y las compañías de amor para ESCLAVIZAR a la gente en vez de LIBRE.

Sólo espero que no va a destruir a todos los de la selva.

Pero quién sabe… Si los Bolivianos trabajar muy duro que va a destruir a todos los de la selva.

Yo quería vivir en Sudamérica, pero incompetencia social (Paraguay) y demasiado alto Landprices (Bolivia) mató a mi sueño.

Así que volví a Alemania a morir.

El dinero impulsado por el encanto de preparar nuestro lecho de muerte.

El ejemplo más cercano a “Buen Vivir” fue:


PS: Hugo Chávez murió de la CIA-cancer.

Evo Morales recibió el mensaje y hace lo que estados UNIDOS quiere.

Sudamericana Estados están SIENDO engañados y explotados por los estados UNIDOS.


Su servicio secreto debe someterse a un entrenamiento en Rusia antes de que ellos (Israel de la CIA de los estados UNIDOS) quitar Putin.

Su y nuestra única oportunidad para la verdadera independencia.