Eco Aldea Village in Suramerica Southamerica


i would like to start or join an Ecovillage in Southamerica.

It can be any country if there is: water.

I am searching for a place, but landprices are too high already for my little income (3-4-5-10.000USD per hectar in Paraguay or Bolivia for example)

I have heared land is still affordable in Nicaragua or Venezuela but it is alao dangerous.

There are many Ecovillages in Chile, Argentina and Brazil because they are realizing that money is a stupid religion that is unreliable and destroys relationships and trust between humans.

It isnimportant to live sustainable life-styles.

Would you also like to start an Ecovillage or you know a good place to start it or you can recommend me an Ecovillage-Community let me know and mail to:


In Espaniol:


me gustaría iniciar o unirse a una Ecoaldea en Sudamérica.

Puede ser cualquier país si existe: el agua.

Estoy buscando un lugar, pero landprices son demasiado altos ya para mi pequeño ingresos (3-4-5-10.000 USD por hectario en Paraguay o Bolivia, por ejemplo)

He escuchó la tierra es todavía accesible en Nicaragua o Venezuela, pero es alao peligroso.

Hay muchas Ecoaldeas en Chile, Argentina y Brasil, porque se están dando cuenta de que el dinero es una estúpida religión que no es confiable y destruye las relaciones y la confianza entre los seres humanos.

Es isnimportant a vivir sostenible de los estilos de vida.

¿Le gustaría empezar una Ecoaldea o conoces un buen lugar para empezar o que me pueden recomendar una Ecoaldea-Comunidad hágamelo saber y correo a:


Examples de Brazil:



Argentina: it is near Buenos Aires i think.



Pindorama Atlantic Forest Institute

The Pindorama Institute is an Ecovillage registered as a Non-profitable Organization. We are located in Nova Friburgo, 2 hour drive from Rio de Janeiro. Nova Friburgo is known wolrdwide for having the biggest preserved portion of Atlantic Forest in Brazil. We are know nationwide for our expertise with bamboo bulding.

Our foundation is based upon the Vedic Philosophy. We keep a simple living and high thinking. We grow our own organic food, including acai berries, blueberries, bananas, pecan, pine nuts and many brazilian herbs, roots and fruits.


Ecovillage Self-Sufficient Community

Self-Sufficient Community

We are joining a group of people REALLY INTERESTED AND UNITED BY A HIGHER PURPOSE, create a self-sustaining community, ecovillage or whatever you want to call with the concepts of harmony, permaculture, nonviolence and others to rescue the knowledge that has been lost in the current urban model life.
We will create the Community in Brazil and we propose more specific in Rio de Janeiro state, at surround area and inside of what remains of Atlantic Forest.