Santa Cruz – Jodanga Backpacker Hostel

Right in front of the Busterminal Santa Cruz… hectic alive city…


This is a Mate Mug i bought in Buenos Aires. Bolivians do not drink a lot of Mate as far as i know. Also Coffee… they grow it… but they don’t drink it. Maybe because it is too expensive. (Blame the West!)

You actually can get quiet decent Cappuchino 3-4 Blocks away from the Main Bus Terminal Santa Cruz (walk towards City center, on the left side of the road is a bakery… )


China Restaurant in Santa Cruz… too expensive 😀

Right next to “Park Urbanico”.



This was the collectivo Taxi from Santa Cruz to Samaipata.

IMG_4270 IMG_4275 IMG_4276IMG_4278



letter to a bolivian Friend

Scroll down for spanish version:

Hi N.,

sorry that i did not answer in a long time. It was great to see Bolivia and Cochabamba. But it is sad to see how people think money is a long term solution.

It is not.

But every civilisation every country needs to make the same mistakes, because man does not learn from the experiences of others, everyone has to make his/her own experiences, this is why EVERY country goes the same path of “development”.

It would be more wise to forge a culture from what was good in old traditions and what is good in modern life (solarpower) but governments and companies love to ENSLAVE people rather than FREE them.

I just hope they will not destroy all of the rainforest.

But who knows… If the Bolivians work really hard they will destroy all of the rainforest.

I wanted to live in Southamerica but social incompetence (Paraguay) and too high Landprices (Bolivia) killed my dream.

So i came back to Germany to die.

The money-driven poeple prepare our death-bed.

The closest example to “Buen Vivir” was:

Take care!

PS: Hugo Chavez died of CIA-cancer.

Evo Morales got the message and does whatever USA wants.

Southamerican States are STILL fooled and exploited by USA.


Your secret service should undergo training in Russia before they (Israel-CIA-USA) remove Putin.

Your and our only chance for true independence.


Hola N.,

lo siento que no me contesta en un largo tiempo. Fue genial ver a Bolivia y Cochabamba. Pero es triste ver cómo la gente piensa que el dinero es una solución a largo plazo.

No es.

Pero cada civilización, cada país debe cometer los mismos errores, porque el hombre no aprende de las experiencias de otros, todo el mundo tiene que hacer su propia experiencia, es por eso que CADA país va en el mismo camino de “desarrollo”.

Sería más sabio para forjar una cultura de lo que había de bueno en las viejas tradiciones y lo que es bueno en la vida moderna (solarpower), pero los gobiernos y las compañías de amor para ESCLAVIZAR a la gente en vez de LIBRE.

Sólo espero que no va a destruir a todos los de la selva.

Pero quién sabe… Si los Bolivianos trabajar muy duro que va a destruir a todos los de la selva.

Yo quería vivir en Sudamérica, pero incompetencia social (Paraguay) y demasiado alto Landprices (Bolivia) mató a mi sueño.

Así que volví a Alemania a morir.

El dinero impulsado por el encanto de preparar nuestro lecho de muerte.

El ejemplo más cercano a “Buen Vivir” fue:


PS: Hugo Chávez murió de la CIA-cancer.

Evo Morales recibió el mensaje y hace lo que estados UNIDOS quiere.

Sudamericana Estados están SIENDO engañados y explotados por los estados UNIDOS.


Su servicio secreto debe someterse a un entrenamiento en Rusia antes de que ellos (Israel de la CIA de los estados UNIDOS) quitar Putin.

Su y nuestra única oportunidad para la verdadera independencia.

Sao Paulo – brazilian Jujitsu & Muay Thai – Chute & Diego Lima in Morumbi

I really can recommend this place.

Look for yourself what happens of you combine the muay thai with jujitsu grabbling.

The submission and jujitsu is the same awesome trainer.

Also the people are very friendly and love to help and train you 🙂



Here it is, with GPS coordinates 🙂


Submission Jujitsu Guys


Jujitsu is a very effective way to win a battle even against a stronger opponent.

Its all about grabbling and levers.

Check out the Gracie Family.

Japanese immigranta brought Jujitsu to Brazil 200 years ago.

Muy Thai Guys & Girls 🙂


Sao Paulo – overcome your fears

I have to admit… It takes some courage and especially if you can not judge the situation… But i encourage you… Put some rockin’ music in your ears and Take a walk in the hills, concrete and green Jungle that Sao Paulo is.


If you get lost mark your spot of origin in the OpenStreetMap or look for a Cap(taxi) that will bring you home.

You will realize that even in favelas… Its just normal human beeings trying to make the best out of life.


But because everyone is so scared of the other 20 million inhabitants that they would prefer sitting in an armored car in a traffic jam than walking around… Beeing faster, consuming less fossil-fuels…


Only on-foot you really can soak in all the details and there are many in Sao Paulo… Good or bad.

Most Paulistas and Brazileros in general are highly cultivated, intelligent, fun and friendly people with a smile powered powered by sunlight (which is often missing in Germany) just as Sydney Sao Paulo CAN be hot but often is not… Temps stay around pleasant 25°C or less(!!?).


And the sky can be quiet often quiet cloudy.

While this is good to keep a cool head for business decisions it can piss off the average tourist :-p




PS: Rio and Sao Paulo have THE best Jujitsu schools, Gracie 🙂

i’ve beein looking for freedom

… Still the search goes on…

FUCK YOU ZDF!!!! Click that link:

If freedom means… Freedom and independence from money… Peace of mind… A sustainable lifestyle… An environment where kids can grow and be valued… Good air… Fried bananas…

Jup. Than i’ve been looking for freedom.

Status of search: pay 25.000€ for land in EcoVillage Brazil or occupy land (with possible violent conflict) or stay a slave of those who have BORROWED colorful paper.


This monetarian system is nazi style (arbeit-macht-frei…. NOT)


I headed down the track
my baggage on my back
I left the city far behind
walkin’ down the road
with my heavy load
tryin’ to find
some peace of mind
father said you’ll be sorry, son
if you leave your home this way
and when you realize
the freedom money buys
you’ll come running home some day

Refrain: I’ve been looking for freedom
I’ve been looking so long
I’ve been looking for freedom
still the search goes on
I’ve been looking for freedom
since I left my home town

Maybe the only freedom we can have… Until this fucked shit is gone and hopefully replaced by a more sane way of life… Is in our head.

“Either you have happyness inside… Or you have nothing” (ex-President Uruguay, Jose Mujica)

The only thing i can do… Is live with as little money as possible… In EAST Germany… Where the sun shines 4h a day… But the revolutionary potatoes grow 🙂

Drugs Found on my Autobus – Corumba to Sao Paulo – Andorinha

… Luckily not on me.

There were like 3x kinds of checks last time we came from Paraguay to Brazil.

Now it was only two… But the first one landed a hit.



It is scary. Just imagine the guy lets one of those shampoos full of cocain slip into YOUR bag!


Why is this police called “DOF” which is nothing nice in Germany?

There was actually a second woman that left the bus RIGHT after the first stop at some Restingpoint… Very suspicious.

Those policemen celebrated the meaning of their life….

Bolivia – Perto Suarez/Quijarro – Corumba – from Santa Cruz to Rio Brazil

BRING SOME CASH (Bolivianos or Real)

My Bus left 11.00 o clock from Santa Cruz company was “23 de Marzo” 100B with full bed seat.

Arrived at 20:00 at Puerto Suarez.

A friendly bolivian taxi-driver brought me to a hotel “Vini” close to Brazilian border.


The private room is 80B without breakfest but they have a Terrass-Restaurant in the first floor. (Almost finished – under construction)

I think
i walked across the border… Taxis won’t cross it!!! (No matzer how much you pay, a Visum for a Bolivian Guy costs 500€)

Right after the border, there is a Brazilian Taxi-Stand happily helping you to the nearby Autobusterminal for 50Real… He also takes bolivianos i think.

GET BUSTICKET TO RIO EARLY (day before you go to hotel) BUS TO RIO WAS FULL!!!

DID not want to stay another night so i took the 16:30 Bus to Sao Paulo… Wasting my time there doing nothing.

It was about 250REAL. (They DO NOT TAKE Bolivianos… It is an Brazil Agency)


For this reason: DRUGS FOUND ON THE BUS!!!

Super beautiful landscapes to my eye passed by while people liked to close their curtains to watch some US violence movie crap (“blood out” “wild card”)




Soil almost as red as Australia :-p






Later i found out this is a NATIONAL PARK I call it “the last Paradise” it is where many indios still have some refuge from industrialization (on Bolivian and Brazilian side):-D

Parque National Historico Santa Cruz La Vieja



View Larger Map

View Larger Map

Departmental Protected Areas System

Santa Cruz Historical Park Old


The Historic Santa Cruz La Vieja National Park was created in 1989 by Supreme Decree No. 22140 and by Law No. 3487 dated September 22, 2006 declared a National Heritage granting the rank of National Historical and Archaeological Park.


The area’s administration is currently in charge of the Autonomous Goierno Cruz Departmental Snata through the Protected Areas, in coordination with the Municipal Government of San José de Chiquitos.


The Park is 3 km south of the town of San Jose in the Chiquitos Province, 265 km from the city and has an area of ​​17,080 ha.

The park is part of a proposal to establish a new conservation area called “Block Serranías Chiquitanas and the Concepción Lake Basin”, formed by the foothills of Chiquitos, Santa Cruz Historical Park and Old San Diablo foothills.


The protected area is located in a forest transition zone Cerrado, Chiquitano and Chaco.

This area is part of chiquitano block through which the bi-oceanic highway Santa Cruz – Puerto Suarez. To date, the Departmental Government with international cooperation, relizan efforts to mitigate the impacts of road construction.


The historical value of the area is very significant because this site in the city of Santa Cruz was founded.

The altitudinal range varies from 300 to 600 m.s.n.m. The rugged topography, and the presence of springs and lakes have an excellent opportunity for bird watching.

The fauna is represented by urinas, taitetúces, tapitis, foxes, cappuccino monkeys, tatuces, pejis, pintao agoutis, among others. Among the most common species of plants are the soto, Momoqui, curupaú, yellow trumpet, sujo and others.


The high landscape value, natural resources, cultural and historical heritage and its strategic position (between the Kaa Iya Park and San Matias NIMA), make the area has great tourism potential.

From the Balneario Sutó and the Viewpoints of Montañeta, it is possible to appreciate the natural landscape of the Serrania de San José, tourist site of importance.

Bolivia – Evo Morales la Turbo-Capitalist

This country Bolivia is turbo capitalistic just as USA, Germany used to be and now China is.

I am Sitting on the bus “23 de Marzo” to Brazil and a guy standing next to me yells into a Mikrophon i should buy his fucking vitamin-pills…. I am rather sorry for him having no sustainable lifestyle and gave a little money to the disabled woman that was begging on the bus.

People in need of dineros boarding the bus trying to sell stuff to viajeros…


That is turbo capitalism… People fleeing the Land, giving up their sustainable lifestyles for a short-lived money-driven fucked up life selling bubblegums.

They are playing the pirated movie “Blood Out” which shows people killing each other… Great thats what i need… A little violence, Gore and blood on the screen while beautiful green landscapes with floks of white Cattle encaged by barbwire (a Symbol for our modern and wanna-be-clever way of feeding our civilisation).

I can sum the plot up in 5 words… Violence, Zigaretts, Dollars, Sex, Drugs.


I have Seen them watching horror movies on the street-shops in Uyuni.

Which is disgusting i think.

And probably scaring children to death.

Evo don’t sell your beautiful country with its culture and tradition for a 100$ Or € Or £ Or ¥.

Make it Good for everyone…

Why do you make Jokes about forbidding CocaCola and not doing it?

Why do you forbid McDonnalds but allow Burger King, KFC and Subway? (Just as Bad)

Thats usually not why tourists come to See… Same shit different Country.

Don’t you have tasty traditional bolivian food to sell?

Money is not Left Or Right, it simply buys its way… Which is not always a good way.

Evo seems a democratic puppet just as Obama and Merkel.

Democracy beeing effectively dead, heading for disaster.

But the real people in power you can not vote for.

The Banks… Privatizizing the planet.

Ah! A Sadomaso Sex scene… Thanks for this American Bullshit in our heads.

Happy collapsing!

You are like a Tree destroying your roots!

We already did. And See where we are now? A Nation full of hate, fear and Ignoranz.

The opposite if love is not hate, it is Ignoranz.

And thats what civilisations will die from.

Or a Meteor.

Plant one of the 200 kinds of potatoes still existing in this country instead of planting seeds of hate made in USA into people’s hearts.

It would be Good if we all became Vegetarians!

Because there is SOOOOO MUCH BUSH-AnD-FOREST-LAND Bering burned  down to the ground to get a field… For Gen-Soy Or for Cows.

Not smoke on the water!

Smoke in the rainforest!



Between Trees gras can grow protected from sun and Wind and Erosion… If you want to create deserts keep going.

Evo! Setup Eco Aldeas! Combine the old with the new! Permaculture!!!


I know you are NOT stupid.

Praktikant Erfahrungen mit Estancia Aventura

Als Gast super (statt Preise auf der Homepage 1000€ pro Woche ! Anrufen und Preis verhandeln!)


Als Praktikant: Katastrophe.

Frau Ulrike Staudenrausch (so heißt Kiki Erhardt richtig) ist cholerisch, chaotisch in der Organisation und nervlich immer kurz vor dem Burnout.

Und das in PARAGUAY … Wo doch sonst alles so “tranquillo” d.h. ruhig ist. Bzw sein könnte…


“Vermissen Sie den Stress von Deutschland? Kommen Sie zu uns! Wir stressen Sie gerne! Sie dürfen sogar umsonst dafür arbeiten! Bitte engagieren Sie sich nicht!!! Es wird ihnen nicht (!) gedankt.”

Die bräuchte Roboter keine Menschen…

Dienst nach Vorschrift…

Wäre ihr persönlich vermutlich auch am liebsten. (Ne Sie will engagierte Mitarbeiter… Aber SO wird das sicher nix mit dem Engagement)

Oder Soldaten… Aber die machen Dienst nach Vorschrift… Das will Sie auch nicht… Ja was will Sie dann?

Nur wäre Sie vermutlich unfähig diese zu programmieren.

Nur gut dass man andere anscheissen kann für Ansprüche die man selbst nicht erfüllt.

Achtung! Es könnte sein, dass man als Praktikant verhungert… Wenn keine Gäste da sind… Gibt es keine regelmäßigen Mahlzeiten… Warum auch?


Er kann sich doch denken dass er selber kochen muss… Wenn es nix gibt..

Ja und Gedankenlesen wurde auch schon erfunden.

Stress ohne Bezahlung?  Hier sind Sie richtig!

Ich brauche erst mal Urlaub von diesem Praktikum. (3.5 Wochen… Wollte eigentlich länger bleiben…)



Die Estancia könnte eine Goldgrube sein und das Leben in Paraguay könnte das Paradies sein. Falls wir alle gut zusammen arbeiten könnten würden…

Ein Beispiel: Sie scheiss mich (ihren engagierten(!) 0€ 10-Stunden-am-Tag-jobber) zusammen weil ich ihre Hunde nicht um 18:00 gefüttert habe… Es war gar keine Uhrzeit ausgemacht.

Organisatorisch … Nicht sonderlich begabt.

Den Stress würde ich gerne in Deutschland lassen.

In Paraguay leben angeblich die glücklichsten Menschen: Ulrike gehört aktuell leider nicht dazu.

Jesus hilf ihr!*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Santa Cruz – hichhike to the sand dunes – Las Lomas de Arena

If you are like us… Hate the touristic shit.

Want to do stuff by yourself… And you said “i am not going to pay 120USD for a trip to a place 25km away”

What you need:

Take 2L of water (per Person, it is desert-bush-dr there).

Some food for picnick.

And free OSM navigation (OpenStreetMap) on your phone.

Go to this bus station on the main square plaza 24 de Septiembre.


And take the line 21 which will take you (ultimo) almost to the entry of the park (it’s 10B)



After that just walk to the entrance (i =>tourist info) which is 200m away.

You will have to walk another 1-2h before reaching the dunes.

It is great if you find a local native that can give you a ride (maybe offer a little money like 20B or some fruits as pay)

We were luky… Just as we got to the entrance a guy from la paz gave us a ride on the back of his 4x weel pickup.

Was lovely.

You will really need a true 4x wheel vehicle… Because the sand can get pretty deep.


And this is what you get:


It can pretty stormy there so take sunglases!



Ride back he took us as well 🙂